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Escape In The Pandemic

The thought of the many negative reports of the effects of the pandemic made me cower in fear as to whether a family vacation in this time could actually materialize.

No social interaction for the kids; outside the immediate household no other persons were seen by them. That made a harsh reality check moment for me as I knew that this would affect them resocializing after the pandemic was over.

A decision had to be made and the trip had to be planned. The adrenaline rush during the period was refreshing, to say the least as I was actually doing something that is aimed at bringing a sense of enjoyment.

Packing the bags was just exhilarating, putting on different outfits on the kids to see what would match and just seeing them excited was uncontainable.

Then the weekend started. The drive to Montego Bay was long but the little funny highlights are fresh in my mind. Each area of the large body of water was met with an outburst from my two-year daughter "waller, waller". She would not stop until it was out of sight.

We actually had just a funny, quiet and relaxing weekend.

The food and family time at the pool was actually refreshing.

If I could do it all over, I would do it again. The children's laughter and broad smile meant the world to me.

The happy moments in life cannot be bought,

but are created and will thus give a more lasting memory.

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