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The Yaad & Abroad Podcast is a beautiful reminder “There are no great mysteries in life really, just doors to open to explore each step in your growth,” Dr. David Viscott. Humans share a personal need to belong, and the podcast provides an opportunity to hear personal stories not only of triumphs but perseverance. It may seem exaggerated to say a podcast adds value to people’s lives but think of what community means to you.

Indeed, communities could be better. We know this from our many experiences. Still, communities represent the opportunity to build bonds and nurture emotional, mental, and psychological well-being that promotes personal growth and development. The guests on the podcast are either measured or rumbustious. On my first appearance, I was rumbustious because being present and open while interacting with the hosts was easy. It is this sense of camaraderie that contributes to its community feel.

I haven’t forgotten some of the stories I have heard on the podcast. They were personal stories that stood out for specific reasons. I certainly haven’t forgotten Stretch’s story of adapting to college and life after college in the United States or the young lady who migrated from Jamaica to Mexico to live in a country whose language and culture were unfamiliar.

These two stories remind us that we can succeed when we believe in our agency. The resiliency they describe is exemplary. Their remarkable determination and behavioral flexibility exemplify the Jamaican expression “wi likkle but wi tallawah.” Further, their mental strength to cope with the demands of leaving home and family demonstrates tenacity. By extension, the communities that raised them and fashioned the character they displayed in their personal stories.

These stories were not only examples of resilience, but they were also examples of self-belief and self-confidence from everyday people. The stories were relatable to everyone who left home, barely an adult but had to grow up quickly. Collectively we can appreciate the humanness of these stories. I know I am not speculating when I write that without Yaad & Abroad, these two stories would remain private and known only to close friends and family.

We should recognize people for the excellent work they do. Indeed, recognition for our work is the motivation that sustains our efforts. At this point, I express my sincere gratitude to the hosts of this podcast. I appreciate the stories you have shared on your platform. During my first appearance on the podcast, this blog was unpublished for months and was later published after I was asked, “Where can people find you.” It was not only the question that made me publish, but your enthusiasm to connect with your listeners and build a community.

Thank you for planning and bringing this podcast to Jamaicans and, more broadly, the Caribbean immigrant community. Of equal importance, thank you for your courageousness to start a podcast to fill a need you all recognized.

I know you all took a much-deserved break, but gentle folks, ova de Yaad & Abroad Podcast, I know life happens, and our routines change. However, mi a politely beg unnu fe, please restart de podcast promptly without delay. By the way, I miss arguing with unnu guests who cyaan hear mi, but I still want to discuss the topic like I'm on the show—please and thanks.

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2 Kommentare

13. Mai 2023

Definitely gonna listen to it! Thanks for sharing.

Gefällt mir

Great article. Often times we hold on to our experience a suffer in silence thinking no one can ever understand our situation, only to talk to someone and find out we are not alone.

Thank you for reminding us why we started and the impact we set out to make, even if it's just a few thousand lives. Keep doing the work and we will do the same..

Much respect and love,

Di Elda

Yaad and Abroad Podcast

Gefällt mir
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