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There's A "Glitch In My Matrix"

I am a telephone procrastinator. I suppose you are thinking, what do you mean? Let me explain; I am not trying to coin a new term or create a new catchphrase. I acknowledge my lack of urgency in returning phone calls and responding to text messages. My telephone procrastination is not due to anxiety over being on the phone. I have no explanation for it.

Phones are mobile, but in my case, I might as well own one of these:

Let me share an example of my telephone procrastination. My birthday was in January, and I recently listened to some of the birthday wishes. I hope you did not catch on that I said: "some" of the messages. But, yes, there are other messages. To my sisters-in-law Kerry and Marie, I appreciate the birthday wishes.

Family members and friends will read this post and roll their eyes. Then others will laugh hysterically in the hopes I will not write; I will do better because they are already familiar with this song's chorus.

Others will read and think, it is your phone, and you can and should answer when the time is right for you to respond. Of course, this assertion would be correct, but you have never called or texted me when you need an immediate response.

The individuals who have experienced my telephone procrastination first-hand have probably accepted it as one of my flaws. However, I have tried several times to explain that it is not personal, and I am not willfully avoiding them. The best way I can describe it, there is a "glitch in my matrix."

I have no intentions of delaying calling back, but like most procrastinators, I wait for the ideal time to call. But, unfortunately, in my case, the perfect time may be days later; by this time, you have already found a solution. So when I finally call, the person does not take my call. I will not speculate as to the reason my call went unanswered, but I suspect there is some frustration.

Indeed, if you have read this far into the post, I appreciate you reading along. However, you are now aware of my less-than-stellar reputation for returning calls and responding to text messages.

Things came to a head recently when a dear friend of mine demoted me from being an emergency contact. You do not have to guess why my demotion, given that you have already read the preceding paragraphs. I was initially disappointed I was demoted, but I have to face the reality that I am terrible at responding to phone calls and text messages.

Thankfully my friend did not have an emergency and needed me to respond.

My uncle Keith and friend Nicholas may have rewritten the code in my matrix. They have decided to call my other half first for her to relay the message to me; they will call, and I should answer. So there is hope for me.

Stay Naturally Curious.

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