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To My Daughters

In time I will become dust and a memory

The moments I cradled you and

The words I leave you will become the shoulders that hoist you

In the ebbs and flows of life

When you forget to self-affirm

Take note; there will be noticeable differences

Between who you are and who the world says you are

Don't allow your eyes to wander from your reflection

Your image rights are your own

Rightly to be great

You don't need permission to be awesome

In the mind and body, nature blessed you with

Don't change beyond recognition to your own eyes

Please, don't typecast yourself in a role you didn't author

Words aimed and shot at you may pierce your armor

But you only die when you forget your grace, humanity, and your right to be

Don't be enthralled by the audition

Listen with a discerning ear, ask unanticipated questions

When someone else tells your story

They determine your destiny

Who you permit to tell your story frames your essence

And who's voice portrays you without character

Strong women don't bow their heads and lower their shoulders

And whisper in hushed tones because they're terrified to be,

Neither are they unnecessarily moved to wrath to assert themselves

Strong women embody strength in character

They don't confound value with difficulty

Strong women don't safeguard themselves in self-pity

Instead, strong women recognize they'll experience moments of vulnerability

Just like moons and suns, they return to shining

When you see another strong woman, pay her homage

Love Daddy

The Novice Poet

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