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The contradictions of growing up are meant to reflect the nuances of living.

One day you’ll catch me, and another, you'll let me fall.

Because there’s a lesson in being caught and one in falling.

Some things are as constant as nature renewing itself no matter the season.

You led the way.

I followed, even though sometimes the path seemed to need a destination.

You showed me, and I observed.

Now you say I should see with my own eyes through your lenses.

You lectured.

I listened keenly.

I only sometimes comprehended the lectures.

But I accepted that the world exists not just for our education.

And you wouldn't lead me rudderless.

Although we sometimes end up where we started,

You crowned me King with strength, courage, and wisdom.

Life is sometimes shaped by what fate throws at it.

Yet, with the many contradictions, you were present.

The moment is here for me to be.

The Novice Poet

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