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Be Yourself, Not The Self-limiting Version

Decide which version of yourself best suits you and your aspirations. Psychiatrist Dr. William Glasser said, "Most of us have two pictures of ourselves in our quality worlds. One is a slightly idealized picture, the other an extremely idealized picture." The picture you choose to live out is your decision, whether realistic or unrealistic.

You have a right to be your authentic self. It feels almost impossible not to be yourself, but sometimes, being yourself is not the best thing to do, especially when being yourself becomes self-limiting. I don't mean to say you should abandon or compromise who you are but to encourage you to leave room for growth.

Yes, when your mind and thinking are limited, it's reflected in your attitudes. The things that happen to you are not always someone else's doing or a result of your bad luck. Sure, there are obstacles in life, and when you encounter these obstacles, you may want to dig your heels in, but your stubbornness only deepens your struggles. While standing your ground is admirable, your capacity to adapt to challenging situations while staying true to your values is crucial.

Therefore, become aware of how your beliefs, feelings, and past actions affect your present behaviors because "who you are" is usually influenced by your past experiences. So, imagine how limited you are in your current life if your "here and now" actions result from your subjective experiences.

The self-imposed limitation plunders your chances of fulfilling your purpose. Although being yourself is well-intentioned, it becomes self-sabotage when you are not adaptable and obstructs you from stretching yourself beyond the imposed limits. Still, you are accountable for yourself and what it takes to live a purposeful and worthwhile life.

For argument's sake, you constantly think of and learn new things meant to improve your life, but how do you grow if you are not open to change? The question is simple when you look at what you do daily. The stories you tell matter, but what you do with the lessons takes on a life of its own. When you think you have no control over your life, you repeat the same actions, which sounds like insanity. We usually get like that when we believe we must live or act in specific ways to matter.

Yes, no one has the power to tell you how to live, but how often are you making predetermined decisions for yourself? It's a struggle to unsubscribe yourself from how you are, but you can choose if you grow or stagnate. More importantly, do not get lost in some rigid thought or mindset that limits you.

We grow by challenge and nurturance, so be more than just yourself. The real point about being yourself is the recognition that you are more than a collection of experiences or moments in time.

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Glasser, W. (1998). Choice theory: A new psychology of personal freedom. HarperCollins

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