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What's Inside Your Affirmation Jar?

Sometimes, we experience growing pains; if these ever-increasing pains persist, we can become disillusioned with our present. We may even begin to question a future that is not yet here and always expect things to go wrong. In these moments, it is not uncommon to focus on the negatives. Thus making it challenging to cope with distressing thoughts and feelings.

When this happens, you need a way to cope effectively with your thoughts and feelings, and avoidance is often just a short-term fix. An affirmation jar is one way to create mental distance away from these thoughts looping in your head and affecting your feelings. There is continuing research showing that there are benefits to using daily positive affirmations.

Most of us may not have an affirmation jar or know what an affirmation jar is. Either way, this is an opportunity to create your own. You can create an affirmation jar in just a few easy steps. To get started, you will need to:

  • Find an empty mason jar or glass bowl as your affirmation jar.

  • A stack of index cards, post-its, or scrap paper. You do not need to have all three items suggested; one will do. Since your affirmation jar is a DIY project, you have creative licenses with your choices.

  • Marker or pen

  • A list of your favorite affirmations. These affirmations can be personal, from your favorite books, movies, quotes you heard from family members, motivational speakers, social media, or wherever you can find them.

  • Your affirmations can be positive adjectives, for example, charming, tremendous... lovable.

  • Use your marker or pen to write affirmations on index cards, post-its, or scrap paper.

  • Put your written affirmations in the jar.

  • Every day, pull an affirmation and repeat it to yourself as many times as needed throughout the day.

  • You can continue to add affirmations to your jar as you desire.

The affirmations are meant to challenge your negative thinking, not to solve whatever problem you may be facing. The premise is with a clear mind, you are better able to:

  • Accurately express your thoughts and feelings.

  • Make better choices.

  • Have more clarity when you respond to challenges.

  • Find healthy alternatives to your unhealthy way of thinking.

  • To remind yourself of your strengths and positive qualities.

An optimistic orientation to life is well-suited when you search for a silver lining to maintain your motivation to persist.

Empowering Minds. Inspiring Lives.

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2 commenti

27 set 2023

Gonna creat one for myself! I need it!

Mi piace
Micheal Abrahams
Micheal Abrahams
28 set 2023
Risposta a

Excellent; please share how it worked for you. Testimonials are always great.

Mi piace
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