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"The Power of Humility: How This Virtue Can Strengthen You in Work and Life"

Life is an opportunity for lifelong learning. The more you learn about yourself and the world, the better prepared you are to live—the growth you experience from learning shapes your maturation and strength of character.

So, what life lesson have you learned that changed your general attitude and thinking about life? I would volunteer, recognizing the difference between humility and being a doormat. I promise this will not be a rant for the merits of humility. I firmly believe humility is a strength to be harnessed and treated with the utmost care and diligence. It provides peace and tranquility, minimizing impulsive reactions when you do not get your way.

Humility is not about being unassertive. It is not pseudo power or something fleeting; it is a strong sense that I know who I am, my strengths and weaknesses, and how these parts of me function in unison. The empowerment from being and practicing humility is long-lasting. You learn to listen to perspectives you disagree with instead of reacting aggressively. Further, you learn to communicate your viewpoint respectfully, even when there is strong disagreement.

Humility is crucial to all your relationships. I do not wish to make bold claims. Still, humility makes me better at listening and responding to others, whether in their success or failure. You realize you do not have to call all the shots without regard for the involved parties. On a personal level, humility is the recognition you will not always have the correct answers to life's challenges. Still, you are humble enough to know when you need help and who to ask for help.

The self-awareness you learn from being humble is usually immeasurable because it is not something you see now; it is the accumulated benefits over time in the relationships you build with people. You can own up to your shortcomings, hold yourself accountable for what you do, and realize mistakes are a part of growth. Intuitively, we may want to hide from our mistakes because who wants that stink or to be seen as a screw-up? No one, I imagine, but the quicker one can acknowledge their mistakes, the faster they move to a solution.

There is no purpose in staring at a closed door and wondering why it is not open. So, sometimes, even in your humility, you will decide to kick the door in and take no prisoners; well, you may not be that aggressive, but you are adequately assertive in dealing with the immediate situation, so your intentions are clear. Therefore, humility is also about knowing when to make the right decisions after understanding the problem you are responding to. While trusting you will be ok, no matter the challenge you face, because you are secure and confident.

Humility has a pivotal function in life. No matter the message on the doormat or how aesthetically pleasing it is, the doormat serves one purpose. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

Empowering Minds. Inspiring Lives.

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